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Did you know that being in nature can reduce anxiety, stress, and increase serotonin? Come get your happiness-boosting gear at your one-stop shop, Tropic Outdoors. ...

Hawaii is known for its beautiful colorful beaches and variety of climates. While vacationing is popular there, have you ever considered moving? Here are things @fodorstravel really wish they knew before moving there:⠀
1. Apartments might look nice online, but be wary of cheap prices⠀
2. Ship your car- it's worth it⠀
3. Pack light but pack quality

We think adventures hold the keys to happiness. Whatever is next on your bucket list, Tropic Outdoors is here to supply you with what you need. ...

When thunder roars, go indoors! According to Insurance Information Institute, these are the lightning myths and facts that you should know:⠀
Myth 1: Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.⠀
Myth 2: Lightning only strikes the tallest objects.⠀
Myth 3: If you're stuck in a thunderstorm, being under a tree is better than no shelter at all.⠀
Myth 4: If you don't see rain or clouds, you're safe.⠀
Myth 5: A car's rubber tires will protect you from lightning.

Do you prefer an idle boat ride or a high-speed expedition? Comment below! 🚤 ...

Scuba diving is like unlocking an unknown world under the sea. Whether a professional diver or just looking for a new water activity, @scubadivingmag says these are the best dives in the US:⠀
1. West Bank, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Gulf of Mexico⠀
2. HMS Yukon, San Diego, California⠀
3. Strawberry Wall, Washington⠀
4. Manta Night Dive, Kona, Hawaii⠀
5. Sombrero Reef, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Marathon, Florida

Going outdoors to enjoy the environment is shown to reduce stress and make our bodies calm. @umntwincities explains the advantages of enjoying the outdoors as being: nature is healing to our bodies, soothes emotional pain, restores our general wellbeing, and connects the feeling of empathy. ...

Whatever floats your jet ski. Grab all of your water-sport trailer and sun-protection necessities here at Tropic Outdoors! ...

We know you treat your dog like family. Take them on an adventure with these fun water activities from @everydaydogmom that you can do together:⠀
1. Paddle boarding⠀
2. Play fetch⠀
3. Dock-jumping⠀
4. Towing⠀
5. Running through sprinklers

Do you keep up with the care of your boat transmission? Here are some maintenance tips to keep your boat going stronger:

1. Look for signs of leaks⠀
2. Drain the fluid⠀
3. Filter & fill⠀
4. Zinc & oil cooler⠀
5. Neutral safety switch & shift linkage

Are you and your buddies ready to take golfing to the next level? What better way to combine two things that you love with a weekend trip – golfing and traveling. Check our list of top U.S. golf destinations and start booking your next golf trip:⠀
- Pine Valley, NJ⠀
- Rochester, NY⠀
- Augusta, GA⠀
- Pebble Beach, CA⠀
- Myrtle Beach, SC⠀
- Oakmont, PA

We think the Florida Gulf is one of the best places to get your vitamin sea intake. Where is your favorite beach spot? ...

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