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Don't let a single moment pass you by. They only come once. ...

Music makes everything more fun. This cooler is fitted with two water-resistant speakers and an ice chest that can fit up to 48 cans, or 28 beer bottles! A party everywhere you go. Shopping link in bio. ...

With temps skyrocketing it's always nice to have a secluded swimming hole close by. Here are 5 swimming holes in Florida you'll want to jump into before summer comes to an end.⠀
-Silver Glen Springs, Ocala National Forest⠀
-Ichetucknee Springs, Fort White⠀
-Wakulla Springs⠀
-Madison Blue Springs, Lee⠀
-Ginnie Springs, High Springs

Go somewhere you've never been at least once a year. New places, new air, new adventures. ...

You know that feeling when your reeling in a monster fish and your line snaps? Ya, it sucks. Learn these 7 fishing knots and get that fish back to the boat.⠀
-Improved Clinch Knot⠀
-Palomar Knot⠀
-Loop Fishing Knot⠀
-Snell Knot⠀
-Albright Slip Knot⠀
-Blood Knot⠀
-Arbor Knot

Is there anything more fun than being pulled behind a boat at 25mph? As fun as it is, be sure to follow safety precautions! Here are some boat tubing basics to get you and your family on the water. ⠀
1.Ensure you have the proper equipment: life jackets, tow rope, towable tube and a boat.⠀
2.Designate a driver and a spotter.⠀
3.Attach the tow rope to the tube.⠀
4.Tie off the rope to the stern (back) of the boat.⠀
5. Review safety hand signals for communication between spotter and those riding on the tube.⠀
6.Have fun!

Find yourself by stepping out of your everyday life and into the wilderness! 🌲 ...

Always in our memories and in our hearts. ...

Replay your best catch again and again with a Sonic Spy Drone. With multiple flight modes, and a convenient altitude lock, it’s never been easier to capture stunning aerial shots. Shop link in bio! ...

It's about more than catching fish. Relax and make memories on every fishing trip. ...

Reel talk with Reel Time fisherman Captain George Gozdz, where he fishes for Snook, Redfish, and Trout in some of Southwest, Floridas gems. Check out the link in our bio to see the video! ...

Let's be real, boats need a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Check out these 8 everyday maintenance tips to keep your gear and machine running smooth.⠀
-Keep a close eye on the engine⠀
-Flush your engine after each outing ⠀
-Honor thy prop - without your prop, your boat isn't going anywhere⠀
-Dedicate one area to 'dry storage' ⠀
-Be a clean machine - mold, mildew, dirt an clutter pile up very quickly⠀
-Mind the flooring ⠀
-Clean and repair upholstery ⠀
-Create a daily checklist

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