Best Gifts for People Who Love the Outdoors

Finding a gift for someone who spends most of their time outside can be quite the task. Most outdoors-loving people don’t seem to care for colognes or jewelry, and there are only so many personalized coupon books you can give. If a gift you gave your special someone for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day is collecting dust in the closet, it’s time to give them something they will be excited to use this year! Whatever the occasion, catering to their minimalist lifestyle is the key to them loving their present. To spark your gift-giving inspiration, we assembled a list of practical gifts for any level of expertise in the outdoors. Whether the receiver of your gift loves camping, hiking, fishing, or traveling in general, these are the best gifts to give and receive.

Insulated Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle is one of the most popular gifts for outdoor enthusiasts because it’s excellent for those who want to keep their drink ice-cold for 12+ hours or steaming hot for 5+ hours. These leak-proof bottles are a hit for cold and hot weather hikers. Another factor that makes these bottles a great gift is their durability, as they can withstand an accidental drop on rocky terrain or a bumpy deep-sea fishing boat ride.

Water Purifying Straw

Having access to clean water is a necessity while camping and hiking. While there are many mineral benefits to drinking natural water, it can also contain bacteria, microplastics, chemicals, and parasites. There are different varieties of straws that use filters that strain out impurities. Some straws use UV light to kill harmful bacteria and keep the minerals. Overall, a straw with a built-in water purification system is a useful and neat gift to give those who spend their time by the water.

Long Sleeve Performance Shirt

These shirts wick away moisture (which is a necessity in the summer months of Florida) and work as a cooling blanket. Thin and breathable, long sleeve performance shirts also protect skin from the sun while also keeping you insulated from cool weather on cold and rainy days. They are an excellent gift for fishermen and women, hikers, boaters, campers, or those who work outside.

Sun Protection

Sunglasses and good quality sunscreen are no-brainer gifts for an outdoor lover. Strong UV rays can cause damage to the eyes and skin, which may lead to certain cancers. The best sunscreens often skip harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin or bad for the environment. Sunglasses are also a stylish way to keep your loved one protected from the sun’s harmful rays. After all, the gift of protection is one that you cannot put a price on.

Rain Clothing and Accessories

A nice rain jacket is an item many active people need but, because a top-quality rain jacket may require a splurge, they won’t purchase one themselves. A raincoat that is lightweight and easy to carry is a necessity for surprise rainstorms. Rain boots are the perfect accessory gift for those that spend time working or playing outside, and despite their name, many brands are stylish and comfortable rain or shine. Another great gift for boaters, hikers, and all water lovers is a waterproof phone case — they are excellent for protecting your device from water damage, especially for those who like to take pictures of their day on the jet ski or boat! Plus, a waterproof phone case keeps you prepared for an unexpected drizzle or accidental drop in the water.


Is their backpack looking a bit worn down after many years of outdoor activities? Maybe it’s time you encourage them to part with that worn-out baggage. Matching luggage like a three-piece wheelie bag, backpack, and fanny pack can be a fun way for your outdoor enthusiast to show off their style in a practical and useful way. Luggage is also a great gift for those who travel long distances to arrive at their outdoor destinations.

Adventure Book

On the days when the weather forces your adventurer to stay inside, they may want something stimulating to read. An entertaining, adventurous book is a fun way to feel like you are experiencing something new. This gift is a thoughtful way to show that you are supportive of their interest in the outdoors.


Smartwatches are a current craze for those who keep an eye on their daily activity. Smart fitness watches can keep track of outdoor activities like hiking, running, and cycling. These watches track expended calories, miles walked, heart rate, and even how well you sleep. A smartwatch is an ideal gift for someone who focuses time and energy on living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Giving gifts isn’t about getting the most expensive item or a shiny new gadget anymore; it is about creating lifelong memories. There are many precious memories created and bonds formed through outdoor activities with family and friends. This year, get your outdoor enthusiast something that will make the great outdoors even more enjoyable. Tropic Outdoors is here to help you find the perfect gift for making memories with your outdoor activity-loving loved ones!