2 Gallons Magnet Paint Co Chassis Saver™ Antique Satin Black, MPC-UCP970-01


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  • ACTIVE GUARDING – Proactively shields vintage trucks and automobiles underbody surfaces including frames, floorboards, engine compartments, trunk areas, under fenders, fire walls, rocker panels, behind bumpers, etc.
  • GENERAL MAINTENANCE – UCP970 Antique-Satin Black is used for factory original restorations on all underbody and engine compartment surfaces. Cures to a silky-smooth sheen.
  • EASY TO APPLY – Use silver-aluminum as a base coat/primer; only requires minimal surface preparation using a wire brush.; make contact directly to rust spots or places to protect against rust.
  • UNAFFECTED BY OTHER SUBSTANCES – This formula is unstoppable! Chassis Saver is unchanged by diesel fuel, gasoline, road salt, oils, solvents, corrosives, battery acids, hydraulic fluids, or chemicals.
  • COMMITTED TO TOTAL SATISFACTION – Under the harshest condition, Chassis Saver has proven itself for over 10 years! Over 350 townships, local DOT fleet maintenance and public works departments use Chassis Saver.