(2 Pair) Bearing Buddy 2441 Bearing Protectors


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2.441 DIA.BEARING BUDDY 2/CDBEARING BUDDY – CHROME PLATED BRASS Keeps water and dirt out of wheel bearings and keeps them properly lubricated. Makes hubs safely submersible. Easy to install. Automatic pressure control feature limits pressure in hub to 3 psi to protect seals from rupture. Allows no air to be forced in, eliminating corrosion. Lubricant level can be checked by pressing on edge of piston. Stainless steel internal parts and triple chrome plated barrel. To convert model number to hub bore, place a decimal point after the first digit. Outer bearings given.

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Attributes Pack 2Bearing CupLM67010, 15245 15123 & Others Bearing ConeLM67048 Hub Counter bored you are bidding on a brand new item. We are a full service Marina with over 700 slips. We have been in business for over 41 years. This is not someone in there basement who knows nothing about parts and just drop ships items. We have this part in stock ready to ship. Any order paid by 4:00 will ship next business day. Anything after 4:00 will ship the following business day. We are not looking to sell a bunch of parts and move on. We are hoping that after you buy this, you will see how easy it is to deal with our company, how fast we ship, and you will call us for any and all of your future marine needs. We want your business and we will work very hard to earn it.We put the tracking number right onto ebay the next day, you are able to track your package and if you provide an e-mail we include it with your label and UPS or USPS will notify you when to expect delivery.


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