Accuspray 3M (16612) 1.4mm Atomizing Head


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Style:4 atomizing heads

Product Description

Replaceable atomizing heads for use with the 3M Spray Gun Model HG14.

From the Manufacturer

3M Accuspray 1.4mm Atomizing Heads are the next generation in the 3M Accuspray Replaceable Nozzle Spray Gun line, offering the same benefits of easy cleanup, easy maintenance and quality on demand, now for use on any 1.4 mm application (common applications may include sealer, paint, topcoat, lacquer or adhesive).

The 3M Accuspray Replaceable Nozzle Spray Gun is a 3M invention developed after asking painters, ‘If you could have the perfect spray gun, what would it be like?’ The resounding answer was: ‘easy to clean, easy to maintain and offer a quality finish.’ To achieve all of these goals, we developed the 3M Accuspray System, which works perfectly with our 3M Paint Preparation System, or PPS. The Paint Preparation System is an innovative disposable alternative to conventional spray gun cups, offering an all-in-one system for mixing/measuring, filtering, spraying (in any direction!) and temporary storage of both solvent based and waterborne materials. PPS has been proven to reduce cleaning solvents by up to 70%, reduces paint waste on mixing cups, filters and storage cans and reduces time spent cleaning and maintaining ‘traditional’ spray guns. With a portfolio of (5) cup sizes (3oz, 6oz, 13.5oz, 22oz, 28oz), PPS is the most comprehensive disposable cup system on the market offering painters the right size cup for the application, reducing the likelihood of over-mixing and additional waste.

The 3M Accuspray System makes cleaning and maintenance, faster, easier and less expensive while offering the trusted 3M quality, on demand.

  • Approved 3M replacement part
  • Use with any 3M Accuspray Replaceable Nozzle Series Spray Gun – Current models include: HG18, HG14, HGP
  • Transparent atomizing head offers visual confirmation gun is clean, or remove, discard and replace for the performance of a brand new spray gun on demand.
  • Works with solvent-based and waterborne materials for 1.4mm applications (ie sealer or paint)
  • 4 atomizing heads per kit

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