Bell Performance – Ethanol Defense – 1 Case (12 – 16 oz.)


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Size Name:16 oz. bottle

If you’re looking for knockout-strength protection against ethanol, ETHANOL DEFENSE is for you! ETHANOL DEFENSE combines proven combustion improvement, detergency and ethanol protection with the best professional-strength water absorbing power for the ultimate in performance enhancement and protection from the effects of ethanol . Product Details ETHANOL DEFENSE combines proven multi-function benefits with the most powerful combination of water-absorbing ingredients available. This combination lands a knock-out punch for ethanol that no other product can match. ETHANOL DEFENSE improves mileage (restoring lost fuel efficiency caused by ethanol) and performance while reducing emissions. It’s powerful formula removes the harmful deposits left behind by ethanol solvency, cleaning injectors, valves and all parts of the combustion area and fuel system to restore your engine to peak condition and performance. The professional-strength water absorbers in the ETHANOL DEFENSE formula are the best you can buy, to tackle and prevent your toughest water problems caused by ethanol. ETHANOL DEFENSE protects fuel system and engine parts from the damaging effects of ethanol solvency. Benefits Provides commercial-grade water control to fight water absorption by ethanol Protects against ethanol damage Increases mileage (up to 12% or more) Improves horsepower Removes carbon deposits, gum and varnishes, especially those deposited by ethanol solvency Lubricates upper cylinder areas. NOTE: IF SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY BY AIR OR OCEAN, THIS PRODUCT MAY REQUIRE A HAZARDOUS GOODS SHIPPING CLASSIFICATION. CONTACT BELL PERFORMANCE FOR FURTHER DETAILS.

  • 16 oz. bottle
  • Ethanol Defense Ethanol Gas Treatment corrects the effects of ethanol in all types of engines
  • Concentrated Formula – 1 ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel.


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