General Tools 196 Short Length Hand Reamer And Countersink, 3/4-Inch


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Product Description

The General Tools 196 Hand Reamer and Countersink is a short-length reamer meant for smaller jobs. This tool is ideal for removing burrs from cut plastic, copper or iron pipe, and sheet metal. It’s a convenient, quick solution for countersinking operations on stainless, carbon steel, sheet metal, plastic and other materials. The compact cutting head removes burrs from cut pipe with up to a ¾-inch inner diameter. The Hand Reamer also works well for countersinking screws in wood, brass, plastic and other soft materials. This handy tool has an overall length of 5-1/8 inches and has a heavy-duty, ergonomically designed handle GENERAL TOOLS – THE PRECISE TOOL FOR DOING THE JOB EXACTLY RIGHT. Offering over 1,000 tools, we’re proud to provide tradesmen, craftsmen and DIYers around the world with a broad range of affordable, specific-purpose mechanical hand tools and precision measuring and inspection tools. For inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department at 212-431-6100. We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. WORK SMARTER, MEASURE BETTER & BE MORE PRODUCTIVE WITH GENERAL TOOLS

From the Manufacturer

A must for precise counter sinking on soft materials like brass and plastic, this hand reamer and countersink are handy for countersinking or deburring small jobs. It has a heavy-duty, ergonomically designed handle. The overall length is 5-1/8″ and it has a capacity of 3/4″.

  • REMOVES BURRS- from wood, cut pipe, tubing and conduit. Inside deburring edge tool with capacity of 3/4″ inner diameter
  • ENLARGE & COUNTERSINK HOLES- In wood, brass, plastic and other materials with little effort
  • DURABLE- Compact ¾“ five-flute tool steel cutter makes fast work of deburring plastic, copper, iron pipe or sheet metal
  • HANDLE- Heavy-duty, ergonomically designed handle
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL JOBS- Tool has an overall length of 5-1/8 inches


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