Sunex Tools 3930 Master Brake Caliper Tool Set


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Style:Master Brake Caliber Set

This set contains caliper adapters for a wide range of brake applications: 39301 Right Rotating (H020), 39302 Left Rotating (H020-1), 39303 Disc (H010), 39304 1-13/32 inches Adapter (H011), 39305 2 inches Adapter (H012), 39306 2-3/16 inches Adapter (H013), 39307 1-21/32 inches Adapter (H014), 39308 1-21/32 inches Adapter (H015), 39309 1-1/4 inches Adapter (H016), 393010 2-1/2 inches Adapter (H017), 393011 2-5/32 inches Adapter (H018), 393012 1-7/8 inches Brake Adapter (H019), 393013 1-3/16 inches Adapter (Ha), 393014 Opel Adapter (Hb), 393015 Nissan Maxima Adapter (He), 393016 Citroen Adapter (Hk), 393017 Ford Adapter (Hm), 393018 Honda Adapter (Hn). Also, contains a caliper rotation tool with left hand threads which are especially useful when working on 2004-2007 Ford Freestyle, 500, 2008 Taurus, and Taurus X models.

  • Significantly reduces brake job completion time
  • Caliper adapters range in sizes 1-3/16 inches to 2-1/2 inches
  • Adapters designed for Nissan, Saab, and Honda
  • Contains a caliper rotation tool with left-hand threads

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