Summer Travel Essentials

Summer is here, and people are itching to get back out in the sun, which means more summer vacations, road trips, family reunions, and more. Summer travel isn’t just a great way to have some fun with friends, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to explore new environments. With summer travel consisting of vastly different locations, it can seem overwhelming to decide which items to consider as “staples.” However, having the right summer essentials can make all the difference between a good time and an outstanding time, so we took it upon ourselves to provide you with the ultimate summer travel essentials list.

Reef-safe Sunscreen

Whether or not you get sunburned easily, sunscreen is critical. To reduce the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, or just sunburns, you need to pack reliable sunscreen. Set reminders to reapply throughout the day and cover all exposed areas. For the environment’s sake, it’s best to choose a reef-safe sunscreen to protect your skin and help protect sea life too!

Travel Backpack

Carrying a travel backpack is one of the most effective ways to store everything you need at hand. It not only keeps everything organized, but it also keeps all your belongings protected and in one place. When you need to grab something on the road or plane quickly, you can find it in your backpack. Some backpacks even come with a built-in USB port so you can recharge your devices while traveling. In addition, most backpacks are also water-resistant, which makes them great for rainy seasons.

Hand Sanitizer

At this point, everyone should be carrying hand sanitizer at all times – traveling or not. When you’re about to indulge in fast food on the road or are exiting public bathrooms, hand sanitizer is a must. Not to mention that it’s also small and easily fits in purses and most pockets.

Medicine Kit

Traveling can be strenuous on your body at times – new environments, new altitudes. For this reason, it’s critical that you pack a medicine kit for all types of scenarios. Some medicines to keep at hand include motion sickness, laxatives, ibuprofen, melatonin, and Tylenol. In addition, you may also want to pack any anti-itch creams or bug repellent.

Insulated Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles purchased at the gas station aren’t the most efficient way to stay hydrated during travel. Packing your own insulated water bottle will ensure that your drink stays as cold or hot as when you first put it in for long periods. In addition, it also saves you a little money in the long run from not having to keep on buying bottled water. If fresh filtered water isn’t available to fill up your water bottle, you can always buy cheap gallons of water to fill up various bottles.

A Camera

What good is a trip if you can’t remember it afterward? Packing a camera made it onto our list because we know how important memories are on summer vacations. It not only lets you appreciate what’s right in front of you, but it also serves as a sweet reminder of the memories you’ve made on the trip. Disposable cameras are growing increasingly popular for snapping pics on vacation, but phone cameras work just as well as traditional DSLR these days. Don’t forget to keep your phone charged for optimal photo-taking opportunities!

Travel Pillow

There’s nothing worse than waking up from a car or plane nap with a stiff neck. While it may seem unnecessary to some people, your neck will thank you for remembering to pack one. There are various styles and sizes to accommodate all needs. Most pillows nowadays come with clasps on them for easy attachment to your luggage or backpack.

A Good Book

You won’t always have cell service where you’re going, so it helps to remember to pack a good book for entertainment. Should your trip take you to an airport, most airports sell lots of books to accommodate all reading preferences. If you want to take it one step further, you can pack a kindle for thousands of reading options.

When it comes to summer travel, it can be tempting to spontaneously “get up and go.” However, packing your essentials beforehand will make all the difference. You want to relax on your vacation and not worry about whether or not you forgot to pack something important. With the proper preparation and planning beforehand, you allow yourself more time to enjoy and relax afterward. For any summer essentials that you may need, check out Here’s to many summer adventures to come: CHEERS!